Category: Co-Creative

How to Tell A True Immigrant Story

Director, 360º Documentary

In performative, poetic tapestry, a Latinx community in New York responds to racial profiling, ICE surveillance, constrictions of the “immigrant” label, and documentary’s complicity.

Presente Saratoga

Co-Director, Multimedia Documentary Performance

A co-created performance ethnography to bring into dialogue two segregated communities while requiring audiences to embody the experience of navigating the norms and expectations of defamiliarized spaces.


Co-Director, 360º Documentary

A young man from Oaxaca, Mexico relfects on creating possibilities for himself and his indigenous Triqui community in the United States.

City Harvest Documentary: A Collaboration with Digital Editing Students

Producer & Editing Supervisor

A collaboration between my Digital Editing class and Termite TV Collective to log and edit Deb Rudman’s newest City Harvest documentary.

Abuelito Fue Bracero

Director, Community-Based, Multi-Platform Collaboration

Collaboration with Luis Magaña & 67 Sueños to preserve stories of former Bracero farmworkers in Stockton, California while investigating ways in which Bracero histories inform today’s US-Mexico immigration policies.

Gentrification in Allentown: Collaboration between Documentary Class & Community Partners

Co-Director, Community- and Classroom-Based Documentary

In the fall of 2018, my Intro to Documentary class partnered with Allentown Coalition for Economic Dignity, artist Drew Swedberg, and Assessment and Outreach Librarian, Jess Denke, to provide community-based perspectives of Allentown gentrification.

Us in Pieces: from 7Sides (on Cyrus Cylinder)

Director, Documentary Short Collection

7 Iranian filmmakers from around the world reflect on history, identity, and nation-state.

Border Crossing and Genre Bending: A Conversation with Jesikah Maria Ross

There may be no image better equipped to illustrate Jesikah Maria Ross’s body of work than that of a bridge. In an era of constant flux in which once-stable disciplinary borders are shifting, a bridge might be exactly the technology we need for treading unstable ground.

The Making of “How to Tell A True Immigrant Story”

Saratoga Springs, according to long-time busker and city dweller Thomas Nosal, is a magical, mysterious, bubbling spring of activity. People travel from miles away to luxuriate in a Saratoga summer with its lush greens and its mineral springs and its thoroughbred, racing horses.