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About Me

I am an immigrant documentary media maker and educator.

My work focuses on immigration, co-creation, and Freirean praxis. 


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Presente Saratoga

Co-Director, Multimedia Documentary Performance

A co-created performance ethnography to bring into dialogue two segregated communities while requiring audiences to embody the experience of navigating the norms and expectations of defamiliarized spaces.

Gentrification in Allentown: Collaboration between Documentary Class & Community Partners

Co-Director, Community- and Classroom-Based Documentary

In the fall of 2018, my Intro to Documentary class partnered with Allentown Coalition for Economic Dignity, artist Drew Swedberg, and Assessment and Outreach Librarian, Jess Denke, to provide community-based perspectives of Allentown gentrification.

Op-Ed: “Stronger Together: Why We Need a National Youth Media Network”

Since its inception three decades ago, the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC) serves as a facilitator of, and supporting mechanism for the work of the independent media arts. Through collaboration and dialogue with our national community of members, we design programming that fosters and fortifies the field and provides space for independent voices and diverse perspectives to flourish.

In a City Where 15 Percent of Voters Elected the Mayor, Downtown Is Claiming Power

In 1984, Sydney ‘Trek’ Mckenzie’s middle school class assembled to listen to Geraldine Ferraro, a vice presidential candidate, speak to a crowd in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This simple class trip, organized by Mckenzie’s teacher, was a moment that changed his life. It was the moment that he realized the power in politics.

Children of Farmworkers in California’s Central Valley Face Annual Academic Disruptions

In the summer of his junior year, Luis Miguel was struggling to stay in high school. He and his family of four – who work various agricultural jobs from picking blueberries and cherries to pruning grapes and canning tomatoes – live in one of California’s 24 migrant family housing centers.


“What the educator does in teaching is to make it possible for the students to become themselves.” (Paolo Freire)


Over the past several years, I’ve supported nonprofit organizations, educators, and artists in meeting their goals through a combination of strategic planning, capacity support, critical pedagogy, and documentary critique. 


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